VenskLeather - genuine leather goods | Reviewed by Vanessa of Canada
My name Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk). I am a leather craftsman.
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Reviewed by Vanessa of Canada

Reviewed by Vanessa of Canada

Always nice to get good feedback from customers. At these moments, I understand that the work has brought the person joy, and therefore I worked for good reason.

Christmas in April for me!!! So, so, so excited to receive this beautiful handcrafted leather book & pencil portfolio alway from Russia, @vensk.leather Vensk Leather Goods. And along with this amazing piece of leather art (he put a butterfly on it as a little custom work to make it Vanessa’s), I received two beautiful postcards created by the one and only @nadiya.vasilkova , Nadiya Vasilkova, and an added surprise from her of a handcrafted necklace and pendant!! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart Nadiya & Vensk!! Feeling completely awe struck by the beauty of everything on my desk!! 😍😍😍🎨😍😍😍


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