VenskLeather - genuine leather goods | Gallery of photos of professional photographer Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk)
My name Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk). I am a leather craftsman and photographer.
photo, photographer, landscape, still life, landscapes, portrait, collage, arhitectural photo, nature photo, macro
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Series "Panoramas"

Series Panoramic photos shoted at Olkhon Island (Lake Baikal, Russia) and Altai (Ulagan Lakes, Russia).

Series "Symphony of the Mountains"

I very much love the mountains. I love hiking, spending the night in a tent on the shore of a mountain lake or in a mountain gorge. In such hiking, inspiration overwhelms me, and the most beautiful kinds of mountains, lakes, gorges are forces me to shoot, shoot, shoot ...
The series "Symphony of the Mountains" was born from such hikes.

Series "Ballet"

A series of photos on the theme of "Ballet" and "Classic dance".
Model: Ekaterina Vasilyeva.

Series "City Graphics"

Series photo "City Graphics".
I like modern architecture, lines, shapes, geometry ...
I decided to photograph a series on the theme of geometry of the city, buildings, architecture. So there was a seria of collages from photos "City Graphics".

Series "Faces of ships"

Walking along the dock with the old ships, I noticed that their nose parts are very similar to people's faces. The holes under the anchor chains are similar to the eyes, and the mooring beams are on the nose. And every ship looks like an old man pretty shabby life. So I started shooting a series "Faces of ships".

Series "Red and Black"

A series of still life photos "Red and Black".
The series began with the purchase of one interesting black vase with a red egg inside. I photographed a still life with this vase and stylized flowers in it. And then it was already difficult to stop:) I photographed everything that was with red and black.

Series "Black & White"

One fine day, I decided to buy myself some vases for the interior. But it so happened that I liked the black and white vases. This was the beginning of a series of photographs of still lifes "Black and White".

Series "Lines"

Lines, their beauty, grace always amazes and surprises me. I like their smooth flow. It was these sensations of lines that I wanted to convey in this series of photographs.

Series "Landscapes in the snow"

On the beach, I often watched the tide leaves its mark in the sand. This trail is often reminded me of the silhouettes of mountains and hills. Walking in winter, I noticed lines on the snow, like lines from a wave in the sand. That day I nafotografiroval many many lines. But only a few of them I placed in the series "Landscapes in the snow".


Portraits of people shot at different times.