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My name Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk). I am a leather craftsman and photographer.
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A few words ABOUT ME
Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk)
Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk)

Hi Friends!

My name Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk).
I am a leather craftsman and photographer. My motivation: life is given to us one – and life must be filled with creativity to the brim. So I’m constantly doing creative work. Leather products I do as works of art – each is my creative expression. Quality, interesting design, the process of creating things – all this creativity.
Photography gives me inspiration. Photography teaches to observe and see everything beautiful around us. Therefore, I prefer landscape and nature photography.
You can say that I take the creative energy of nature and through my creativity I share energy with you.
I hope that here (on my site) you can find for yourself and the beauty of nature and the beauty of my products.

You can buy my goods in the store on my website:

Or buy them in my other stores:

ETSY – Shop/VenskLeather/

LiveMaster.RU – Vensk


If you want to see my photos, I invite you to my PHOTO GALLERY