VenskLeather - genuine leather goods | Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk) - leather craftsmen and professional photographer
My name Veniamin Skorodumov (Vensk). I am a leather craftsman and photographer.
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Dear friends!The year 2018 is coming to an end, and I am very grateful to everyone who placed orders on my site and in my store on Thank you for the feedback. I really hope that my work gives you and your loved ones......

Not so long ago, I sewed to order a container for Dennis of America. He asked to make more pockets to place all his markers and pens. In the usual pencil case 3 pockets, Dennis pencil case had to make 5 pockets. As a result,......

The other day I developed the design of a folder for documents from genuine leather. The folder has one large compartment and a small pocket for small things inside. The folder is made of good natural leather and very comfortable.

Always nice to get good feedback from customers. At these moments, I understand that the work has brought the person joy, and therefore I worked for good reason....